Ragavendra Prasad

"This is a great class to learn English and to prepare for IELTS exam. It gives us great confidence to face the exam and to speak English as well."

N.Shankar Ganesh

"I have no words to express about this class. i came here to improve my English but i acheieved more than that. Leela Madam is a very good teacher, she taught me how to face the world. i got more knowledge from this class. I will be leaving India in two months. I am fully satisfied with this class. My heartfelt thanks to Leela madam."

Anju Kuruvilla

"Joining Wings made me to start speaking in English confidently.This spoken English class is totally different from others.I got individual attention,that gave me comfort and helped correcting my mistakes while communicating. Along with this I got soft skill training too...THANK YOU Leela mam..."


"I am very happy to come to the class to learn English.. Initially I had faced lot of problems because of lack of fluency in English speaking. Madam teaches only practical class and after a month I felt better to speak in English without mistakes and I got a job in Saudi aswell."


"Wings is totally different from other coaching centers. There is more practical section than theory which helped me to improve my fluency in English. The class is very informal and i felt comfortable. I came here for IELTS exam. Madam gave me more practice that helped me score well in the exam."


"Wings Centre For Spoken English is an EXCELLENT choice for those who wish to speak English fluently. I really enjoyed the class and i am in a position to speak without mistakes in a month's time. It is a purely practical class and individual attention is given."


"This class is very interesting and made me to speak English within one month. It is purely a practical and individual attention class. This class helped me to write M.B.B.S. entrance exam. I like this class compared to other classes. This is the best and guaranteed class. Mam is very kind to motivate us to speak fluent English..THANK U VERY MUCH LEELA MADAM. MAY GOD BLESS U."


"This is a practical class, so I took less time to learn. Leela madam is excellent. Within one month I got a job in TCS and I speak better now. I am happy. All thanks to Leela Mam."


"I had attended few Spoekn English classes earlier. In those classes they taught grammar and spoken was not given importance. But here at WINGS full and full focus is being given for spoken with necessary grammar simultaneously. Hence the result is assured for spoken English. Individual focus is given to every one. This class is so systematic in nature which results in very good learning within a short span of time. Madam Mrs.Leela is so great in her teaching style with very very friendly atmosphere. In total result is assured with respect to co-operation"


"Wings" means `wings to fly anywhere with confidence`. Anyone who completes the coaching will get that wings to fly. I got the confidence to speak English without any fear of making mistake, with the help of our tutor Mrs.Leela, who was kind enough to hear our English and correct the mistakes with her smile. Individual attention was given to each student and that helped me a lot to correct myself."


"This is an excellent class for spoken English. Of late English is a must wherever we go for a job. Those who have studied in this class has reached good place in their life. I should tell about our class mam. She is very talanted person. If you go to another instituion for spoken English, they will teach only grammar. But here it is different. First mam will take class for 10 minutes and balance time we should speak something in English. Here whatever we think we can speak. If you make any mistake while you are speaking, mam will find out your mistake and correct it..
When I joined this class I was having difficulty in speaking English. After my spoken English class, I can speak,write,read in English better... Those who join this class will exhibit good communication skill.... i am very lucky to have studied this class. "

Santhosh Kumar

"I am a Tamil medium student. Within a week I got confidence to speak in English. I improved my personality in two months with madam's guidance."

Chandana Raveendran

""I Have Taken up IELTS coaching for the past one month and i didn't realize the time that flew away... Unlike other classes, this is not a strict coaching class. Leels Mam is very friendly, suportive and caring. You dont have to worry about anything else.. You will surely get fruitful results if you co-operate wth her. Thank you so much mam. This class taught me much more than IELTS" "


"I remember Leela Mam as one of the teacher I looked up to in college. Having taken her classes for Economics, I remember her as a teacher whose classes I never missed ;). I also know a couple of her students from her institute Wings, who take back good memories after attending her English classes. After more than a decade, I still wish I could go back and be a part of her class. - To Tout Leela Mam- Where there is a will there is a way- This has been an inspirational line for me personally. Good Luck !"